Ceiling - Plastering in Darwin, NT

Ceiling repairs and framework in Darwin

From patching and repairs through to home and business renovations, Pro-Style Plastering provides a complete range of plastering services.

Did you know replastering can add significant value to your home? Give your walls and ceilings a smooth finish and attract potential buyers by talking to our skilled team today. If you are selling or putting your house up for rent, our plasterers can cover any dents, scratches or cracks.

We aim to make the plastering process easy and minimally disruptive by setting realistic timeframes and showing the utmost respect for your property throughout the project.

Services we can assist with include:

  • Framework plastering
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Plasterboard sheeting
  • Flushing/setting
  • Cornice moulding
  • Patching
  • Repairs
  • Cracked wall & ceiling joins

Ensure your property stands the rest of time. To discuss your construction plan, or for an obligation-free quote, contact our team here.


Pipes, wires and ductwork can be unsightly. Suspended ceilings (also known as drop ceilings) conceal these necessary fittings behind panels, keeping them within easy reach when needed.

Suspended ceilings are also ideal for soundproofing, as the empty space can be filled with fibreglass insulation to absorb vibrations from above.

The team at Pro-Style Plastering specialises in suspended ceilings. Benefit from our expertise as we work with you from the initial planning through to the finished product.
Call now to discuss your requirements. 

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